Introducing sbeadex Lightning

Novel high-speed extraction of high-purity DNA with high-yield

sbeadex™ Lightning chemistry enables lightning fast extraction using a novel method to bind nucleic acids to superparamagnetic particles, which allows binding and washing steps to be combined in a single buffer. The sbeadex Lightning workflow involves only 3 steps and requires typically 5 minutes from lysate to eluate while delivering high-yields of pure, high-quality DNA. 

This magnetic bead technology significantly reduces the extraction workflow from 5-steps to a simple 3-step process of bind, wash, eluate, saving up to 40 minutes per sample and increasing sample throughput by as much as 10 times versus competitors. 

Why switch to Lightning?

  • Simplified DNA purification workflow

  • High-purity DNA in high-yields in typically 5 minutes 

  • Flexible format for sample-specific protocol optimization

  • Save on plastic consumables, waste disposal, and shipping 


New to sbeadex?

sbeadex™ magnetic beads enable automated high-throughput extraction and purification of high-quality nucleic acids from easy to challenging sample types. Learn more about our industry leading bead-based technology.

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Eco-friendly DNA purification

Thanks to fewer protocol steps, sbeadex lightning is an environmentally friendly chemistry that reduces
  • plastic consumption
  • hazardous waste
  • packaging
  • energy costs.
Fewer steps means less waste for lower ecological impact and an improved carbon footprint. 

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