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Speed without compromise 

High-purity, high-yield DNA in typically 5 minutes  

Current methods to obtain nucleic acids usually involve either crude extraction or more thorough purification methods. Crude extraction methods although rapid, result in low quality DNA and low concentration, limiting its downstream uses. Purification methods offer an alternative to crude extraction but are time consuming.  

The new sbeadex™ Lightning chemistry delivers high-speed extraction of high-purity DNA with high-yield. To achieve this, we developed a new method to bind nucleic acids to the solid support allowing binding and washing steps to be combined in a single buffer. The sbeadex Lightning workflow involves only 3 steps and requires typically 5 minutes from lysate to DNA while delivering high-yields of pure DNA. For even more speed, the water-wash step can be omitted, but does result in DNA of lower purity. 

Download our poster where we demonstrate the improved performance that sbeadex Lightning delivers compared to market-leading DNA purification kits.  

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