Targeted genotyping by sequencing in routine breeding.

A pragmatic application and process flow

Targeted genotyping by sequencing in routine breeding a pragmatic application and process flow


The limitations of conventional Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) and Marker Assisted Backcrossing (MABC) breeding strategies through molecular marker technologies such as SSR’s, CAP’s, STS and HRM for the assessment of complex traits can be negated through the application of genomic selection (GS) and high-resolution genome-wide association study (GWAS). The webinar details the application of SeqSNP, a targeted genotyping by sequencing (GBS) technology for the estimation of breeding values (GBEV) for selection of optimal lines to be taken forward in breeding programs.

We will outline SeqSNP service as a comprehensive option (probe library design and production, DNA extraction, genotyping, data analysis) including an explanation of the technology and process flow.


Darshna Vyas

Darshna Vyas

Senior Scientist, R&D

Samual Arvidsson

Dr. Samuel Arvidsson 

Team Leader Bioinformatics, NGS



Joris Parmentier

Strategic Marketing Manager NGS, LGC, Biosearch Technologies

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