Sequence-based SNP and haplotype genotyping by Flex-Seq



Flex-Seq offers targeted, fast, and effective sequence-based genotyping to characterise upwards of 40,000 loci in plants and animals, such as maize, cotton, cattle, and pig. By sequencing a target loci, the process can genotype SNPs, indels and short haplotypes formed by adjacent variants present within the target region being sequenced. This customizable and targeted genotyping platform is available as a service. The automation-friendly workflows at our service laboratories can include DNA purification as an additional first step and allow Flex-Seq to efficiently process a  large volume of samples.

Learning objectives:

  • The benefits of using Flex-Seq 
  • Haplotype genotyping with Flex-Seq
  • Integrating Flex-Seq into your workflow



Dr Leandro Neves

President and CEO 
RAPiD Genomics, now part of LGC Biosearch Technologies