How NASA scientists brought real-time microbial profiling to the International Space Station 

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In this webinar, we speak with spaceflight microbiologist Sarah Stahl-Rommel to hear more about NASA’s journey from initial development to implementation, how their method has been streamlined to be completed by a non-trained crew member in an extreme environment, and how they are using customised reagents to enable environmental and human health diagnostics in real-time as future missions take them beyond low-Earth orbit. 

1. Explore routes to analysing microbial samples from extreme low-biomass environments with limited resources and stringent controls. 

2. Discover the benefits of switching from culture-based detection methods to molecular-based methods. 

3. Gain insight into designing assays with high ease-of-use for non-trained end users.

4. Learn the benefits of partnering with the right suppliers during method development. 


Who should attend?

Biotechnology companies, assay developers and designers, scientists looking to develop easy-to-use molecular-based tools for use in the field, and other scientists working within the microbial detection and identification space.



Sarah Stahl-Rommel

Human Health and Performance Contract Spaceflight Microbiologist

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