QuickExtract™ extraction solution for simple, rapid extraction of PCR-ready nucleic acids


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Single-tube protocol that takes < 8 minutes


Uses only non-toxic reagents

Speed, convenience and safety

QuickExtract is an optimised blend of reagents designed to extract nucleic acids for PCR applications, without further purification steps.

Key features

  • Fast: 8 minute extraction protocol for most sample types
  • Simple: No centrifugation steps of spin columns used to help increase yields
  • Automation-friendly: Simple protocol integrated easily into automated workflows
  • Safe: Uses only non-toxic reagents.

These products are suitable for a broad range of sample types, from swabs to hair follicles to cultured cells, and do not use phenol, chloroform or guanidinium salts.

See how other scientists are benefiting from simplified protocols

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