Is contamination impacting the quality and reliability of your qPCR-based pathogen detection assay? 

Time for a qPCR assay check up.


Get specific recommendations to evaluate symptoms and diagnose the cause of your unexpected results.

The global pandemic shined a spotlight on the challenges of RT-qPCR assays, including where these assays are vulnerable to contamination. If you’re trying to pinpoint the source of potential contamination or if you’re looking to proactively optimise your assay, our RT-qPCR contamination assessment and mitigation guide can help.

Download the guide now and get started:

  • Map your unexpected result to possible sources and take action to determine where your assay is vulnerable to contamination.
  • Follow recommendations to mitigate identified vulnerabilities. 
  • Finetune the use of controls in routine testing.

Prevention is the best defense against possible contamination. Whether you’re running a high-volume SARS-CoV-2 detection assay or developing an RT-qPCR diagnostic test, our RT-qPCR contamination assessment and mitigation guide will help you ensure accurate, reliable results.