Overcoming the hurdles to deliver accurate out-of-lab onsite qPCR testing for Bovine Respiratory Disease  



Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) costs the global livestock industry over $2 billion per year. In this twenty-minute webinar, Dr Ian Marsh explains the projects aims and the successful outcomes of their research on using onsite qPCR to test for BRD. He outlines the importance of choosing the optimal dye quencher combination for crude extract multiplex qPCR within a tight per test cost target. He also explains how they solved the essential requirement of reducing the complexity of the extraction process so that it can be used by non-laboratory trained staff and the need for accurate quantitation when dealing with normal flora. Furthermore, Dr March discusses the project’s use of efficiency corrected qPCR to deliver robust data that the researcher evaluation demonstrated was more accurate than farm collected clinical data as well as the importance of using the best technology to deliver the best answers within budget.


Key learning objectives:

  • How to develop effective out-of-lab onsite qPCR pathogen detection. 
  • What extraction method can give robust results when used by non-lab trained staff. 
  • The benefits of efficiency corrected qPCR.



Ian Marsh

Dr Ian Marsh 

Research Staff 
New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute

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