Oligonucleotide synthesis

Nucleic acid chemistry (NAC) reagents and instruments to simplify in-house oligo synthesis


The only supplier supporting oligonucleotide synthesis workflows end-to-end

It’s critical to choose a manufacturer that will support your in-house oligo production journey. Whether you’re just starting to consider in-house production or are scaling current operations, our technical teams can meet you where you are to offer guidance and customised recommendations.


Our NAC product portfolio offers more than 1,000 specialised products for in-house oligonucleotide synthesis. No matter the application, our diverse product offerings, proven quality and solutions-driven customer service help ensure a reliable, simplified path for in-house oligonucleotide synthesis.

Speciality products for customised oligonucleotide applications.


Choosing the right oligonucleotide synthesizer for your application is critical to optimise product quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our automated oligonucleotide synthesisers are tailored for specific applications and can be adapted as needs change. All of our synthesizers offer fast cycle times and low reagent consumption, along with low operational cost and simple maintenance. 

In addition, we offer the most extensive product range of oligo synthesis reagents, including modified phosphoramidites, solid supports, packed columns and supporting ancillary reagents for our synthesizers for a seamless workflow.


Solid supports

The performance of the solid support can be a significant factor in reducing synthesis cost and ensuring a quality product. Our diverse range of industry-leading solid supports, including controlled pore glass (CPG) support products, are designed to meet the requirements of nearly any oligonucleotide synthesis application.

Biosearch Technologies’ CPG is the gold-standard solid support used in all sectors of the market. Our advanced CPG production techniques improve control of particle size and shape, pore size, pore volume and specific surface area. These physical parameters influence solution exchange behaviour, ligand loading and distribution and reaction kinetics to increase the efficiency, purity, and reproducibility of syntheses. Our manufacturing process optimises solid supports for the latest therapeutic oligonucleotide classes including LNA, delivery enhancing lipid ligands, SiRNA and Spiegelmers. We offer solid supports with various pore sizes, from 500 Å to 3000 Å, and functionalised nucleoside loadings.

Solid supports

Modified oligonucleotide synthesis reagents

One of the benefits of in-house oligonucleotide synthesis is the ability to design and scale custom products for any application. Our expansive portfolio of modified oligonucleotide synthesis reagents includes backbone modifications, cell delivery and uptake modifications, nuclease resistance modifications, fluorophores and quenchers, and many others to support most applications with end-to-end product solutions.