Learn how to synthesise oligonucleotides for drug discovery


Oligos are playing a crucial role in driving the progress of modern drug development. Listen to nucleic acid synthesis expert Lina Borozdina deliver a complete class on oligo synthesis starting from the fundamentals of oligo chemistry, through to information on essential reagents and techniques, instrumentation, and finishing with advice on how to set up your laboratory for successful oligo synthesis.  

1. Gain a complete overview of the oligo synthesis process- from chemistry basics to the latest reagents and techniques used and post synthesis considerations. 

2. Learn how to select the right oligo synthesizer model for your research or production needs.  

3. Understand what you need to set up your laboratory correctly for safe and efficient oligo synthesis. 

4. Learn about the benefits of partnering with the right supplier during the development stage of your project. 


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Lina Borozdina

Nucleic acid synthesis domain expert
LGC Biosearch Technologies

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