3rd edition released in October 2021

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More than 1,000 specialised products for in-house oligonucleotide synthesis  


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LGC Biosearch Technologies is the only supplier supporting oligonucleotide synthesis workflows end-to-end.

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Proprietary fluorophores and quenchers like BHQ™ dyes Solid supports, modifiers and other specialty reagents Modified phosphoramidites Nucleosides Carbohydrates CPG supports MerMade™ 

What you'll find inside the catalogue:

  • Modified phosphoramidites
  • Conjugation reagents
  • Nucleosides and carbohydrates
  • Fluorescent markers and quenchers including BHQ dyes
  • CPG solid supports
  • Ancillary reagents
  • Supporting citations
  • And much more!

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Feeling ready to synthesise your own oligos?

There are undeniable benefits to making your own oligos.

However, beyond instrument selection there are a number of other considerations to work through such as solvent storage, disposal, ventilation, and other practicalities to ensure that your synthesizers run at full capacity and that you optimise your return on investment. 

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