3rd edition released in October 2021!

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More than 1,000 specialised products for in-house oligonucleotide synthesis  


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LGC, Biosearch Technologies is the only supplier supporting oligonucleotide synthesis workflows end-to-end.

The quality products you trust have a new home.

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Proprietary fluorophores and quenchers like BHQ™ dyes Solid supports, modifiers and other specialty reagents Modified phosphoramidites Nucleosides Carbohydrates CPG supports MerMade™ 

What you'll find here:

  • Modified phosphoramidites
  • Conjugation reagents
  • Nucleosides and carbohydrates
  • Fluorescent markers and quenchers including BHQ dyes
  • CPG solid supports
  • Ancillary reagents
  • Supporting citations
  • And much more!

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