Rise to meet the demand of PCR diagnostics through crucial supply relationships

How LGC, Biosearch Technologies helped three organisations keep up with their molecular diagnostic tests during the COVID-19 crisis


COVID-19 has exacerbated the pressure on companies developing PCR diagnostics, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials and reagents.

In the competitive molecular diagnostics industry, developers rely on their suppliers to meet development timelines, launch dates, scale-up requirements and kit manufacturing needs. With the coronavirus pandemic revealing vulnerabilities in the supply chain, it is paramount that an ideal partner builds resilience in their supply chains to maintain go-to-market timelines while remaining forward-looking such that they are able to scale and adapt with evolving needs.

Download three case studies where Biosearch Technologies enabled:

  1. Roe Clinical Laboratories to seamlessly modify their laboratory developed tests (LDTs) to meet cost-per-test requirements for better patient access.
  2. Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná (IBMP) successfully bring their diagnostic tests to market due to high-quality components and excellent teamwork.
  3. T4 Oligo’s rapid deployment of COVID-19 testing products because of open-door collaboration.