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Many of the choices you make during the R&D phase can have a substantial impact on how successful you are in taking your molecular diagnostic assay to market. That’s why choosing the right supplier for your assay components is crucial in turning your big ideas into large-scale reality.

With long-term experience, proven quality components, and flexible manufacturing, LGC Biosearch Technologies’ broad portfolio of critical components for PCR and NGS based MDx applications and solutions help ensure that you are preparing for commercialisation right from the outset.


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Long-term experience enables us to anticipate your needs early on

Your supplier’s knowledge levels and responsiveness are crucial in solving difficult R&D problems as well as proactively anticipating problems and challenges that may surface during scale up.

With 35 years of experience, we know that a true partnership is the only way to fully understand your current and future needs. LGC’s scientists are hands-on from the time of assay inception, positioning us to pre-empt potential challenges and adjust your design strategy to facilitate a seamless transition to scale up and avoid costly troubleshooting during production.

Quality components for repeatable and consistent performance

Component quality and consistency are vital throughout product design, manufacturing, regulatory approval and commercialisation. From avoiding uncertainty during early R&D to ensuring compliance with relevant ISO or other regulatory requirements, companies need to be confident that their overall product quality is supported by quality components.

LGC Biosearch Technologies’ vertical product integration ensures comprehensive traceability for repeatable (lot-to-lot) and consistent (within lot) production, facilitating robust, high-quality assays that support regulatory approval and confident reliance on assay supply and performance.



Flexible manufacturing helps us to fine-tune to your requirements

If your supplier uses a “fixed” manufacturing platform, its ability to adjust for fluctuating variables such as yield, purity and performance when moving from small pilot to full-scale production batches will be limited. 

The experience and flexibility of LGC's production platform enables our chemists to fine-tune your design strategy at crucial steps during production, allowing us to reliably deliver the same consistent product (regardless of scale) ensuring your specifications are matched.

With vertically integrated manufacturing and a global supply chain, it is possible to scale up without increasing costs

Molecular diagnostic companies in the R&D phase will often look at initial cost as a key driver for component choice without considering the long-term implications of their decisions. However, examining the breadth and reliability of your supplier’s portfolio is a key consideration in preparing for scale up and successful long-term commercialisation.

Our broad portfolio of quality assay components can help you avoid the unanticipated cost of switching suppliers if you discover inefficiencies or if your components can't scale appropriately.




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