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Effective April 2022, the Lucigen brand will start its final phases of transitioning to Biosearch Technologies, LGC’s comprehensive genomics portfolio.  We are making this change because Biosearch Technologies unifies all legacy brands under one collective offer.  This allows us to provide consistency across all of our products and services so we can deliver optimal support across our customers’ entire genomics workflow and at every stage of their product development pipeline. 

The Lucigen website will eventually retire and become absorbed by Biosearch Technologies’ website and its subdomains.  Our current target website retirement date is June 2022.

Changes related to this branding transition include: 

  • Lucigen branded products will transition to the Biosearch Technologies portfolio brand 
  • We will not re-label existing product on our shelves.  Until existing stock of Lucigen labeled products are depleted, you may see a mixture of Lucigen and Biosearch Technologies branded products in your order. 
  • All product documentation has already started to transition to Biosearch Technologies branding. 
  • All products will retain their current product part numbers.  This will not change. 
  • Specification, quality and performance of the products will not change. 

Browse our FAQs for more information about rebranding.


  • Why is the brand changing?

    LGC has seen some considerable expansion and continues to grow its genomics portfolio.  To help keep our customer’s mission critical project on target and moving quickly, LGC has brought together all of our genomics technologies into a single, unified portfolio – Biosearch Technologies. 

  • Does the team I speak to change as a result of the new name?

    Customers in North America and Latin America will continue to speak to the same team.  Customers in EMEA, APAC, and China will speak with a customer service team based in their region.  Should you have interest in other parts of the Biosearch Technologies portfolio, it is now much easier to reach our area experts. 
  • Will the products I am using stay the same?

    The product composition, formulation, technical specification and source will not be changing.  There will be some changes to the product packaging where boxes and labels will be updated to a single style to match the Biosearch Technologies branding. 
  • Will product codes remain the same?

    Yes, product codes will remain the same 
  • Are you discontinuing Lucigen products?

    We are not discontinuing Lucigen products because of this branding change, but we do follow a routine process for product discontinuation. 
  • Is the product documentation changing?

    Product documentation have already started to transition to align with the Biosearch Technologies portfolio brand.  The technical details of our product documents are not changing. 
  • Where can I find SDS?

    All SDS are available on on the corresponding product detail webpage. 
  • Will the packaging change?

    Packaging will be updated over time. 
  • Can I still buy from my preferred distributor?

    Yes, you can continue to purchase products from your preferred distributors.