2022 holiday shipping deadlines

Our lab scientists and technicians are dedicated in delivering quality products to our customers and have earned a well-deserved break to enjoy the holiday season. Below you will find our general shipping cutoffs for the months of November and December to help you manage your shipments toward the end of calendar year.

Please coordinate with our customer service team to confirm any shipments planned around the holidays to ensure successful delivery of your products. Otherwise, your order may be held and shipped at a later date.

Want to coordinate shipping?

Product portfolio Last ship date Shipping resumes
Nucleic acid chemistry (NAC)

21 Nov 2022*
19 Dec 2022

28 Nov 2022
4 Jan 2023
Oligos, probes and primers 21 Nov 2022*
21 Dec 2022
28 Nov 2022
3 Jan 2023
Sample prep, PCR, NGS, Molecular biology reagents 21 Nov 2022*
21 Dec 2022
28 Nov 2022
6 Jan 2023

*Shipping is available for orders fulfilled by sites outside the US