Enabling the next generation of point-of-care diagnostics


Creating point-of-care (POC) devices suitable for storage at room temperature in establishments such as pharmacies and doctor's offices has historically been a challenge for PCR-based systems. The technical challenge involves not only supporting rapid thermocycling, but selecting and optimising reagent components that support high sensitivity amplification in the presence of sample inhibition.

LEX Diagnostics aims to challenge the current antigen POC market by providing rapid laboratory-standard molecular diagnostics at exceptionally low cost. Download the case study to learn how they enabled both reverse transcription and PCR amplification of multiple targets at speeds significantly faster than current technologies.

Topics include:

  • How LEX Diagnostics and LGC Biosearch Technologies collaborated to develop a customised RT-PCR master mix suitable for the unique demands of fast, sensitive POC PCR testing.
  • How LEX Diagnostics overcame the challenges of a lyophilised PCR reagent.
  • The successful detection of both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (using a multiplex assay) in less than 10 minutes, with the goal to reduce the full sample to answer time down to between 5 and 7 minutes.