From earth to space – QuickExtract is propelling science forward.

QuickExtract™ has revolutionised genomic nucleic acid extraction. From uncovering insights on Earth to boldly venturing into new frontiers at the International Space Station – its unmatched versatility across sample types and lightning-fast results have helped propel science forward.   

But don't just take our word for it – see for yourself how QuickExtract has been validated across studies and publications, making it the go-to solution for precise genetic analysis: 

Fuelling the CRISPR revolution

QuickExtract has enabled a range of impressive CRISPR advancements, including multiplex genome engineering and creating efficient delivery techniques for Cas9 RNPs and CAR transgene complexing without the need for electroporation.

Moreover, it’s helped drive diagnostic technologies forward which allow people to easily test themselves more accurately at home or in other settings.

Conquering microbial studies in space

Developing precise and dependable methods for monitoring microorganisms aboard the International Space Station has long been a challenge. Culture-dependent methods rely heavily on sending samples back to Earth, resulting in delays and decay. Recently, a team reported on the development, validation and successful implementation of a swab-to-sequence method that utilises QuickExtract DNA Extraction Solution—offering a fast, culture-independent solution to real-time microbial profiling in space. 

Looking to work with gram +/- bacteria or fungi? QuickExtract DNA used together with our Ready-Lyse lysozyme product lets you do just that.

Striving to find answers to COVID-19

In the fight against COVID-19, scientists faced a pressing challenge: limited access to essential reagents for diagnosis and care. To tackle this issue head on, they developed a 5-minute rapid protocol that circumvented the need for RNA extraction and used QuickExtract to make this a reality.

Researchers also leveraged QuickExtract to develop a simple test chemistry for detecting SARS-CoV-2 that is suitable for point-of-care use.

In another breakthrough study, researchers developed a portable ultrasensitive saliva-based covid-19 testing system that can deliver fast and precise results in just 15 minutes. This highly innovative assay requires no bulky lab equipment nor any RNA extraction procedure.

And because of the importance to track and understand variant spread, scientists focused on designing a CRISPR-Cas12a assay to detect SARS-CoV-2 variants in clinical samples during diagnosis.


Scientists love QuickExtract

3000+ papers reference and use QuickExtract. Here are a few notable ones where QuickExtract technology is propelling science forward.


Fanzor is a eukaryotic programmable RNA-guided endonuclease

Makoto Saito, Peiyu Xu, Guilhem Faure, Samantha Maguire, Soumya Kannan, Han Altae-Tran, Sam Vo, AnAn Desimone, Rhiannon K. Macrae & Feng Zhang Nature, 06/28/2023

Interstrand crosslinking of homologous repair template DNA enhances gene editing in human cells

Hannah I. Ghasemi, Julien Bacal, Amanda C. Yoon, Katherine U. Tavasoli, Carmen Cruz, Jonathan T. Vu, Brooke M. Gardner & Chris D. Richardson Nature Biotechnology, 02/27/2023
Cancer therapeutics

Targeting TBK1 to overcome resistance to cancer immunotherapy

Yi Sun, Or-yam Revach, Seth Anderson, Emily A. Kessler & Russell W. Jenkins, et al. Nature, 01/12/2023

Drag-and-drop genome insertion of large sequences without double-strand DNA cleavage using CRISPR-directed integrases

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Real-Time Culture-Independent Microbial Profiling Onboard the International Space Station Using Nanopore Sequencing

Sarah Stahl-Rommel, Miten Jain, Hang N. Nguyen, Richard R. Arnold, Serena M. Aunon-Chancellor, Gretta Marie Sharp, Christian L. Castro, Kristen K. John, Sissel Juul, Daniel J. Turner, David Stoddart, Benedict Paten, Mark Akeson, Aaron S. Burton and Sarah L. Castro-Wallace Genes, 01/16/2021

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 with SHERLOCK One-Pot Testing

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A 5-min RNA preparation method for COVID-19 detection with RT-qPCR

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Genome engineering using the CRISPR-Cas9 system

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Targeted delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 and transgenes enables complex immune cell engineering

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