Accelerate liver-targeted therapeutic development


Partner with LGC Biosearch Technologies for your GalNAc modifiers

Labs developing treatments for diseases with hepatic origin typically must develop their own GalNAc reagents. Ready-made GalNAc modifiers save time and resources in design and discovery while establishing a foundation for consistent, reliable performance at scale.

LGC Biosearch Technologies works closely with therapeutic companies to enable the development of potent GalNAc-conjugates with reduced synthesis complexity. Contact us today to discuss your requirements for custom GalNAc synthesis.

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Ready-made GalNAc-phosphoramidite
GalNAc controlled pore glass (CPG)
Custom synthesis of GalNAc reagents

Advantages of GalNAc reagents from Biosearch Technologies

Scale-up production of your therapeutic easily with our simple chemistry.

Single GalNAc unit

Our GalNAc monomers can be used to build up flexible GalNAc clusters, varying in the number of GalNAc monomers and in their position within the oligo. Additionally, it is possible to add various spacers between each GalNAc monomer and to incorporate cleavable linkers between the oligo and the GalNAc cluster. This flexibility allows you to create modular GalNAc conjugation designs. 

Flexible chemistry

Our ready-made and custom GalNAc reagents are compatible with standard solid phase synthesis using standard phosphoramidite chemistry. Build flexible GalNAc monomers with our GalNAc phosphoramidite and two equivalent GalNAc solid supports, with a choice between two different pore sizes. The GalNAc-phosphoramidite can be incorporated anywhere in the oligo for additional flexibility to build up individualised GalNAc clusters.

Succinyl linker & deoxyribose backbone

GalNAc reagents from Biosearch Technologies feature a succinyl linker, making it easy to  cleave with concentrated ammonium hydroxide at room temperature.

Our GalNAc products have a dR moiety that fits directly into the natural sugar phosphate backbone with little disruption of the duplex, meaning there is minimal effect on the Tm. The dR moiety mitigates impact on the phosphate backbone of the corresponding oligonucleotide.


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