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siRNA therapeutics represent a transformative advancement in medicine and biotechnology, offering precision, versatility, and potential treatments for a wide range of diseases – with several siRNA-based drugs already available to patients. In this webinar in collaboration with SelectScience, Dr Torsten Wuestefeld, Co-founder and Advisor at Lerna Biopharma and Dr Si Hui Tan, Vice President of Biology at Lerna Biopharma, will share how they are combining novel biology with proprietary nucleic acid technology and delivery platforms to innovate and accelerate therapeutic development for liver diseases with high unmet need.


Key learning objectives:

  • Discover how leveraging siRNA can help deliver breakthrough drugs for diseases with unmet needs.
  • Learn why siRNA is the modality of choice for pursuing novel biology to generate first-in-class drugs.
  • Hear about design and synthesis of siRNA molecules.
  • Learn about developing siRNA drug candidates with technologies and platforms that address the challenges in the siRNA therapeutics development process. 



Torsten Wuestefeld

Dr Torsten Wuestefeld

Co-founder and Advisor
Learna Biopharma

Si Hui Tan

Dr Si Hui Tan

Vice President of Biology
Learna Biopharma

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