Scale your PCR diagnostic testing to high-throughput

An automated workflow to enable COVID-19 mass testing at population scale


Automation redefines lab efficiency and confidence in results

In this application note, we examine how high-throughput PCR result calling and analysis is enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. LGC, Biosearch Technologies’ SARS-CoV-2 Real-Time and End-Point RT-PCR Test coupled with UgenTec’s FastFinder software yield traceable and scalable data analytics and reporting, which is now authorized for emergency use.

Learn how this PCR-based testing platform introduces novel efficiencies such as:

  • Elimination of manual interactions to remove human error and manipulation.
  • Requiring human expert review only when warranted with exceptions.
  • Full traceability of samples across all plates and instruments to pull up its status at any given time.
  • Ready-to-deploy, pre-configured workflows enable fast deployment, minimize the time across installation, validation and go-live, incorporate data analysis and reporting features, and offer multiplexing capabilities.

Case study included: UC Davis mobilizes to conduct COVID-19 mass testing

richard-michelmore“The goal is to provide at least weekly testing combined with more frequent strategic testing. This requires rapid data analysis software that minimizes the time needed to accurately call, certify, and return results.”
- Professor Richard W. Michelmore, PhD, University of California, Davis