Innovating animal breeding with targeted high-throughput genotyping technology 



Feeding the world in the midst of climate change and an ever-growing population demands scientists have access to scalable, flexible and sustainable genomic tools that add value to animal breeding programmes. At LGC Biosearch Technologies, we partner with you to provide fit for purpose technologies to ensure your mission critical projects are a success. In this workshop, industry experts will be showcasing how innovation and creativity are being leveraged to overcome technical hurdles in the application of genomic technologies to accelerate your breeding programme through high-throughput genotyping via PCR and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

LGC Biosearch Technologies' genotyping solutions can target from a few regions to entire genomes. These methods can be applied to any species and can leverage valuable previous marker information you already have for your population. A breeding programme must screen a large number of animals quickly, and we have built technologies that match this demand to genotype up to hundreds of thousands of animals per year with fast turn-around time. Flexibility and technical excellence are at the core of our technologies, and these genotyping methods can be updated and optimized over time as you advance your breeding populations to answer evolving goals.

Learning objectives:

1. Advantages of targeted genotyping by sequencing. 
2. The Flex-Seq technology and how it can be applied in livestock breeding. 
3. Examples of Flex-Seq in cattle, porcine, and poultry breeding.



Dr. Leandro Neves

Senior Director of Research and Innovation
LGC Biosearch Technologies