ValuMix™ qPCR Assay

qPCR Probes and Primers - All in ONE Tube
for as little as $79

Custom probes and primers for real-time PCR combined together within a single tube for your convenience. Spend more time on your research and less time prepping your assays. This formulation reduces waste, minimizes pipetting errors, and simplifies your protocol. To sweeten the deal, we are offering 0.5 nmol of FAM-BHQ probe mixed with a ratio of primers according to your instructions for only $79. All probes are quenched by Black Hole Quencher® (BHQ®) dyes and are available with a variety of fluorophore options compatible with most real-time PCR thermal cyclers. Choose your application below and see how easy it is to place an order online.


Contents: One BHQ® Probe with two primers

Probe Amounts: 0.5 nmol*, 5 nmol, or 20 nmol

Probe to Primer Ratios: 1:1 to 1:4.5

Prices start at $79

*0.5 nmol only available with FAM-BHQ Probes


Contents: Two BHQplus™ Probes with two primers

Probe and Primer Amounts:

  • 2 nmol per probe & 9 nmol per primer
  • 5 nmol per probe & 22.5 nmole per primer
  • 12 nmol per probe & 54 nmol per primer

Prices start at $270