For a limited time, you can purchase extra-small (XS) sized Dual-labeled BHQ® qPCR  probes for the low price of $95. 

*Use promo code: VPCOLOR95

Receive your custom probe with any of the following fluorophores: CAL Fluor® Gold 540, CAL Fluor Orange 560, Quasar® 570, CAL Fluor Red 610, and Quasar 670 dye. Take this opportunity to boost the ”plex” of your qPCR reactions.

There is an abundance of applications that benefit from multiplexing including:    

  • Copy Number Variation assays
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Reference assays
  • Absence / Presence testing
  • Zygosity testing
  • Multiplex pathogen detection and extraction controls

Start Multiplexing  Now!

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If you are avoiding multiplexing because of the potential investment in time and resources, read our blog article that compares the cost of multiplexing BHQ probes against SYBR-based assays.

*Only applies to BHQ probes. This offer is valid until June 30th, 2016. Promotion not valid when combined with other offers.